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From the tasty brews at the Ferdinand brewery in Benesov to the only genuine monk made beers in Zeliv, most of the country's best beers can be found in the capital. Combined with a whole new brew pub scene, rotating tap bars and top notch food, i reckon it's the best place in Europe to drink beer.

I'm not a big on tasting notes, history and the like, there are plenty of blogs around dealing with that and to be honest i'm not quite knowledgable enough about that yet.
I love Czech pubs, food, the easygoing nature of the places and people and fortunately the beer scene is improving day by day, so it's a pretty exciting time to write about beer.

This blog is really a companion for an exhaustive website im compiling about Prague beer and a hoped for pub crawl of the city, coming soon.

Na Zdravi

Monday, 27 September 2010

Good king Wenceslas

Silly season is upon us again, where lots of breweries nationwide have a 'special' beer produced with a nice blurb describing it's specialness. Well this basically means a slightly stronger version of their main beer, exactly like they do at easter and xmas( the same beers? ). It's a similar practise to in the UK where within one week i had tasted both a Pheonix tennis and cricket beer special, both were identical to the normal light beer they produce.
In the Czech Republic this Tuesday is the public holiday of the good catholic king Wenceslas, of the jolly song fame, who was killed by his brother on this day. For reasons unknown, this is celebrated by some strong beers, well i guess Czechs don't need many excuses to drink.
Of these, perhaps the most anticipated is Breznak's special 21 degree dopplebock, that's about 10% alcohol folks. Cerna Hora are also producing a souped up version of their excellent 'Velen' wheat beer and many smaller breweries are doing something extra.
Well, is it worth it? Well coming back from the magnificent Chyne brewery at Zlicin metro, we came across a typical metro herna bar(gambling joint)and warily ventured in as it actually had the special on, first in Prague? The bar was not as scary as at first sight, so we got a small 21 special in, not expecting much. Indeed it was an overly strong lager, with none of the complex flavours you would expect from a dopplebock, but by the end of the glass it had kept us interested enough and for 21kc, not too bad at all. The trip to the toilet was the highlight, i was given a key on a massive metal ring, similar to what dungeon masters have and had to piss out the back of the pub where the metro drivers have their restrooms and showers etc, bizarre!!
I've also had Chyne's own 15 degree special, which also disappointed and am on the lookout for the Cerna Hora which promises to be very nice, despite it's similarity to the normal one.

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