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From the tasty brews at the Ferdinand brewery in Benesov to the only genuine monk made beers in Zeliv, most of the country's best beers can be found in the capital. Combined with a whole new brew pub scene, rotating tap bars and top notch food, i reckon it's the best place in Europe to drink beer.

I'm not a big on tasting notes, history and the like, there are plenty of blogs around dealing with that and to be honest i'm not quite knowledgable enough about that yet.
I love Czech pubs, food, the easygoing nature of the places and people and fortunately the beer scene is improving day by day, so it's a pretty exciting time to write about beer.

This blog is really a companion for an exhaustive website im compiling about Prague beer and a hoped for pub crawl of the city, coming soon.

Na Zdravi

Monday, 14 December 2009

New kid on the blog.

While i was away in England, regular checks of the net made me aware of 1 place in particular that would be first on my hitlist of places to visit back in Prague.
Kulovy Blesk ( ball of lightning )promised upto 9 beers on tap and my visits thus far have not disappointed.
On my first visit at lunch ( usually the best time to go to any good beer pub ) there were indeed 9 beers on the go including ones you wouldn't find anywhere else bar Zly Casy and Merenda. Nymburk beers are permanent with even the unfiltered version sometimes on the go. I opted for Kocour's English Pale Ale and it was as superb as i remembered, surpassing any pale ale i actually had in the UK, hoppy , but without the horrible aftertaste English beers tend to have, mixed with flowery notes and a smooth, fruity taste that typifies Kocour's excellent beers.
Lunch was a pork roll, stuffed with bacon and mushrooms, superb and they even let me change the ubiqitous fries, for huge, chunky wedges, classy. I then had an ever reliable beer from Opat and was pleased with the bill. The kocour was only 35kc, comparing to other places where i would expect to pay 45kc. Small beers are also priced in accordance, unlike the other 2 places mentioned previously.
As for the place itself, well it feels a bit cramped, due to the underground feel and the various side rooms and probably not the best place to go alone. The decor is great, all the classic Czech films have posters spread across the walls and it's this kind of effort in making the place different i love about Czech pubs.
Subsequent visits haven't disappointed on the beer front, ranging from the suberb Opat 17 special, Matuska's full range and Kocour beers almost everytime i go, to a good range of standards from Nymburk to Kacov and Primator. Kocour is now 40kc in line with other places. Service is usually fine if they can see you in the nooks and crannies and the food is always decent.
The only flipsides are the necessity to always pre book the tables unless you come in the afternoon. Why a good beer pub can't have a few tables for regulars i don't know, but that's Czech for you. The prices are also not listed, so you have to keep asking and look like a tight arse.
Despite this, i will definately be a regular, i reckon it's the best of the 3 uber rotating tap bars in Prague and that's a real recommendation.
Kulovy Blesk is at Sokolska 13, Prague 2.

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